As it spreads, bread easily and quickly make

Whether with vegetables, legumes, or as a sweet version with Butter – homemade bread spreads in the blink of an eye produced. A big advantage: you can choose the ingredients and know exactly what’s in there.

Purchased products often contain many preservatives and additives. You can do without, if you prepare the Bread yourself. Because there are incredibly many opportunities for a variety of spreads.

Organic, regional or fair trade ingredients – the choice is yours

Not only for people with intolerances is to do it yourself is the better Option. Because you can decide on the quality of the ingredients and, for example, high-quality vegetable Oils, regional and organic vegetables or Fair Trade spices to use. Also, homemade is just fresh and you can taste the individual ingredients properly.

Quick recipes with Avocado, Tofu, and potato

Do-it-yourself sounds like a lot of time. But that is not true. Many spreads you can finish during the coffee runs through the machine. Quick as a flash are made mainly raw food spreads, such as from a fine-mashed Avocados. This is made with lemon juice, salt, pepper and optional fresh herbs and a little cream cheese to spread.

A quick sandwich spread is prepared with natural tofu: The Tofu, wash and dry. To puree with sun-dried tomatoes, a little soy sauce, pepper powder and salt and pepper to a creamy Paste.

Who else has potatoes from lunch left, you can stomp them and to taste, Refine and season, for example, with fresh grated horseradish or chopped arugula. A spoonful of sour cream or cottage cheese for Extra melt. These spices, for example cumin or Curry, Basil or rosemary to come.

Nuts and vegetables, as a Spread basis

Healthy spread: a creamy Paste to produce, is the beetroot very well. (Source: Getty Images/Noir Chocolate)Healthy spread: a creamy Paste to produce, is the beetroot very well. (Source: Noir-Chocolate/Getty Images)

The basis of every bread aufstrichs the preparation of a Paste: For fruits and vegetables with a high starch are particularly suitable, and fat. Suitable for beetroot, Parsnip, carrots and sea are, for example, radish. Also cauliflower, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and chestnuts are cooked and mashed to a creamy Paste.

Soaked cashews provide a cheesy taste. It also has all the other nuts, like Macadamia, almonds or hazelnuts go but. Nuts are mainly due to their polyunsaturated fatty acids are very healthy. Also legumes such as chickpeas or white beans, with their high protein content, good nutrient supplier. In addition, they will disintegrate after Cooking almost naturally to a spreadable Paste.

Then more Flavour to follow in the pot: herbs, spices, Oils, sour cream, cottage cheese, cream, sesame paste, lemon juice, olives or Antipasti laid out. Only salt and pepper to duty program, with all other fancy and taste to decide.

Sweet on the bread: Bananenmus with cocoa

Also sweet, you can prima self-mixing – for example, a raw nut spread made from Avocado, dates and cocoa powder. Or you can puree dried apricots with Almond butter and orange juice.

Zermuste bananas with ingredients like cocoa powder and chopped nuts fast to spread and make. To empfiehlen also a Mango-coconut spread is, in the case of the fresh diced mango flesh with coconut milk, grated coconut, lime juice and a little tube of fruit is sugar mashed. For a firmer consistency, you can give some carob flour.

Fresh spreads, consume quickly

Spread on bread in the glass: Cooked spreads to the dawn of the glass about a week. (Source: Getty Images/Vladlenaazima)Spread on bread in the glass: Cooked spreads to the dawn of the glass about a week. (Source: Vladlenaazima/Getty Images)

Due to the lack of preservatives and additives ruin the fresh bread and spreads much faster. Therefore, you should eat bread spreads made from fresh ingredients such as Avocado, mushrooms or horseradish, if possible on the day of its manufacture. Who wants to make larger quantities, you should use cooked ingredients, as these are more durable.

For the extension of the shelf-you can fill cooked spreads into clean jars in a pot for eight to ten minutes in boiling water. This version is recommended also, if you want to self-made bread spreads give away. For that, you should write the date of manufacture on the label and note type, as long as the spread is preserved. In the case of boiled products, it is, after opening of the glass about a week.

Delicious variety on the menu

And: homemade can help parents to ensure that the diet of children for variety. Because the recipes are often simple, can help the young themselves. The initial sweetness is recommended for spreads.

But also spicy can offer to parents, such as a grated cucumber with cottage cheese and chopped parsley or in a tomato-walnut-string. As healthy food can hide, which would have eaten the child pure.

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