Brake pads on the bike regularly and change

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – Flawless a life insurance policy are brakes for cyclists. Thus the brakes are always good, should be checked the pads at least once in the year and, if necessary, be replaced. This is especially true for E-Bikes, according to the Tüv Association (VdTÜV). Their higher weight and pace of the pads will usually require more.

Who has brakes on wheels, can detect a worn-out lining because the slowed down the gutter flat. Also, a decline in braking effect indicates worn brake pads. In the case of disc and even more so in the case of hydraulic systems, the maintenance claim is brakes full. The Tüv Association advises to Check in a specialist about all of the thousands of kilometers of the workshop. Always should also be kept in mind that the brake is properly adjusted. For example, the brake pads must not grind on the go.

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