Classic car or new car with the Retro Look?

Losheim (dpa/tmn) – Who is on the look of old cars, no need to resort to the old-timers. Since there are practical Alternatives to the modern era. Old cars have all their charm, says Hans-Georg Marmit from the experts Association KÜS.

But it is in the Allag a few disadvantages. “Not only are the comfort equipment is usually very much less than in the case of modern cars, but especially for the safety you have to make dramatic concessions,” says Marmit. Airbags in vintage cars are still a rarity, and electronic assistance systems in April. Not to mention the increased maintenance and more frequent repairs quite. “Day in and day out just get in and drive it – this only works with the least old-timers”, so Marmit.

Cars of today use the Design of yesterday

Against this Background, many customers look to the so-called Retro models, with which the manufacturer capture the spirit of the good old time with the Design and philosophy of a new model, store or in today’s era want to transfer. “Examples are many,” says Frank Wilke of the classic-car price evaluation, Classic Analytics, “but this is succeeded in the rarest of cases.”

To succeed very well, the Transfer still seems to be a new small car, such as the Swiss micro Lino and the very similar knitted plaid of Artega, the quote both of the Isetta from the 1950s: “of Course there is no Parallel, and instead of the two-cylinder in an E-Motor, but at the time it was minimalist mobility, and a lot of space in a little space,” says Wilke. “Two requirements, which comply with the new interpretations. And plus it’s fun to want to offer, and a good Conscience.” Where there is an original Isetta, according to the Wilkes market in state 2 for just under 20,000 euros, to cost the successor according to the manufacturers, at Artega almost 14,000 and in the case of micro Lino 12,000 euros.

Icons of car production: From the Mini to the Elfer

Less satisfied Wilke, however, is with the next generation Mini. Although praise as the Finnish racer Rauno Aaltonen, who won the Original Rallye Monte Carlo, the agility of the new model and rave about the same go-kart feeling put. But for Wilke, the current Mini has with its predecessor, much more in common than the name, and the goggle eyes. “Anyone who wants to real Mini-Feeling of the need to buy a real Mini”, says the expert, and puts the average price of a first-as a Cooper S to 31,500 Euro, while the British list today its price at just under 18,000 euros to start.

Speaking of pop-eyes: The Honda E as retrospectively drawn successor to the Golf 1, the expert also did not go through: “Even if the face and the basic shape seem familiar, have not the Japanese of the brilliant Giugiaro design,” says Wilke. “And in the case of an electric car for the urban Elite, you can speak to on top of that, by the democratization of mobility, for the Gulf state at that time.”

Similarly critical of Wilkes verdict on the Porsche 911 fails – even if the is actually not a Retro model, but over the decades, has been continuously further developed. Yes, the types of shortcuts, Silhouette and face are unchanged, admits the expert.

“But made of a lightweight sports car that offered performance with little a lot of fun, has now become a serious sports car that has more power and its points according to the Motto “a lot helps a lot” of power,” says Wilke. Still a great car, just not the old idea. The more live more in models such as the Cayman 4.0 GTS. Also, this pairing of price, however, speaks for the new model, you need to Wilke grant: A 911 S from 1967, he leads with attendance of 148,000 euros, a comparable 911 S by 2020, with 118.751 Euro.

The dream of competitive athletes

Better the generation care is managed, of all things Ford. “Of course not has also developed the Mustang significantly, which benefited last updated by better technology, more loving workmanship and a sophisticated chassis”, says Wilke. But the idea of the shirt-sleeved sports car with a lot of performance for not a lot of money remained the same over the years. As close as the cars are, but also the price: 46.000 Euro for a Mustang GT from 1965 49.300 euros for a current GT.

If you can not decide absolutely between old or new, the a clever way out: factory new vintage cars, the restored not only professionally, but have been modernised – current motors, Xenon offers more and more often, headlights, and even Airbags or assistance systems, including. The company Memminger, for instance, offers traditional VW beetle, mechatronics from Pleidelsheim brings old Mercedes models in the modern era, and David Brown of England takes on the Classic Mini to the chest.

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