Copper money be abolished? Vote here!

The EU Commission is considering, 1and 2 Cent coins should be abolished. Therefore, they asked the citizens, the violins, the opinion for the money. Until Monday that is possible.

For some they are a sign of luck – some of them bend even on the sidewalk after them. The others hate it: Too heavy and unwieldy they are in your wallet. The speech is, of course, 1 – and 2-Cent coins.

The EU Commission wants to abolish it, but that is nothing. At the earliest, the end of the year you want to present a corresponding legislative proposal.

Previously, you would like to rate, which would bring an abolition of coin money with it. So, there could be approximately uniform rounding rules at the supermarket checkouts. In some countries there are such already. In the Netherlands, or Italy, the amount is at the cash register to the nearest 5-Cent amount rounded up or down.

So you agree, whether copper money should be abolished

In addition, the Commission wants to know what the citizens of the Eurozone hold of abolition. To do this, has started a survey up 11. January 2021 to be running and the results will leave you in the proposal process.

And so it goes: Click on this page on the yellow button “Respond to the questionnaire.” Then you will be directed to a page where you can log in. For this you need to create either by using your E-Mail address, an Account with the European Commission. You can login also via Facebook, Twitter or with your Google account. You can then answer a total of 33 questions on the topic of money and coins.

In early January, the European Commission adopted Central Bank (ECB) the production of Coins in the total volume of just under two billion euros, including collector coins. However, that was less than a year earlier, as the Central Bank assured the 19 States with the common currency, the issuance of new Euro coins to be issued in the amount of around EUR 2.1 billion.

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