Dax cracks the first level of 14,000 points

The leading German index, the Dax, has taken a historic mark: He passed on Thursday in the trade course for the first time, the level of 14,000 points – the castle, however, is slightly below.

Buoyed by hopes for a global economic recovery and a containment of the Corona pandemic has climbed the German stock market on Thursday record highs. The Dax broke in the afternoon, for the first time the mark of 14,000 points and reached a peak of 14.007,47 meters.

Although the German benchmark index dropped again under the much respected brand, but ended with a solid gain of 0.55 percent in 13.968,24 points.

Also, the stock market barometer from the second and third series, the MDax and the SDax, recorded record highs. The Index for medium-sized values peaked at 31.299,46 points, and ultimately won 0.33 percent on 31.224,28 counter. The SDax small-cap Index 07 points rose to 15.286,and 1.07 percent lock strength in the case of 15,278,37 points.

These are the reasons for the Dax record

Impetus was given to the courses of the hope for additional state editions by Joe Biden. The future US President is likely to see now with less political resistance, because as things currently Stand, the Democrats have won control of the U.S. Senate – and thus the complete Congress.

Also helped strong order intake in the German industry in November, as well as the approval of a second Corona vaccine in the European Union. In addition, positive impulses came in the afternoon of further gains on Wall Street. The Storm of the US Capitol however, investors are unsettled seems to be very little.

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