G7 labour markets should offer refugees protection

Refugees from Ukraine should receive the most comprehensive protection possible in the labor markets and social systems of the G7 countries. It is important to him that all the leading Western industrialized countries have made themselves known, said Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil after consultations with his colleagues in Wolfsburg on Tuesday. The aim is a “decent, fair and good” treatment – which, if necessary or in the case of longer stays, can also include further steps.

“We want them to be well cared for, also in terms of medical care,” Heil said. “And we will put aside quite practical barriers.” He was referring, for example, to the recognition of qualifications, help with childcare or language courses.

Heil had already agreed that many war refugees might be able to stay longer in Germany and look for permanent jobs. The issue has now also been discussed in the G7 framework. The results on this and other questions are to be incorporated into the preparation of the summit at the end of June at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria.

In the VW city of Wolfsburg, the responsible ministers also discussed the changes in the world of work, climate and health protection as well as the consequences of inflation. Especially for those on small incomes, pensioners and people in the basic insurance systems, losses in living standards and possible social consequences must be cushioned, Heil demanded.