If you don’t have one, rent a pool via Swimmy

Paris / Berlin (dpa / tmn) – With the first warm days of the year, the pools in the gardens are filling up again. It’s just a pity that many people don’t use their private swimming pool so often. Owners who are bothered by this can have their pool in the garden, but of course also indoor pools, over “Swimmy.com ” rent half or full day.

And all those who simply want to splash, swim or celebrate around the water in private, can look for suitable rental pools on the platform, by free text search, map or by date.

Admittedly: in Germany, the selection is (still) quite poor and not nearly as large as in Swimmy-Motherland France, where there are of course many more private pools. But what is not, can still be.

Pool rental from 18 – maybe on vacation?

Otherwise, it might come down to a pool rental on vacation: in addition to France and Germany, Swimmy is also active in Italy, Spain, Belgium or the USA. Landlords and tenants have to rely on “Swimmy.com ” register. The tenant must be at least 18 years old.

The prices shown are per person, whereby children under 3 years pay nothing and 3- to 12-year-olds only half. Cancellations with a refund, for example due to changed plans or bad Weather, are possible if they are made more than 48 hours before the scheduled date.