iTunes update closes dangerous security holes

Apple has released an update for its multimedia program iTunes. This fixes an annoying bug and closes security holes that hackers could exploit to run malicious software.

The US technology company Apple has released a Windows security update for iTunes last week. The latest version with the number 12.12.4 fixes some bugs. Among other things, it fixed an issue that occurred when users wanted to update their iPad or iPhone via iTunes. This was not possible and repeatedly led to the display of the cryptic error message 4000.

In addition, five dangerous vulnerabilities have been closed, as reported by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI. These could be exploited by attackers to steal or delete files, circumvent security measures or execute malicious code. The BSI recommends an immediate update of the program to the latest version.

How to install the current iTunes version

To get the new version 12.12.4 for iTunes, there are two ways. Either you download the current program version on the official website of Apple download and install them or perform a version update in iTunes itself. This is how it works:

  • Open iTunes on PC.
  • At the top of the menu bar, select “Help” > “Check for updates
  • Follow the installation instructions.

By the way: If the “Check for updates” option is not visible in the Help menu, iTunes has been loaded from the Microsoft Store. Programs from the store are automatically updated as soon as updates have been provided. Otherwise, you can also it’s easy in the Microsoft Store check for available updates and initiate an installation.