These Dining Table Chairs are good office chairs

This combination of different chair models of a family is also exciting for rooms in which, in addition to a dining table with corresponding chairs, there is also a desk with a work chair. The similar look of the chairs looks connecting, stylish and can provide more coziness.

Tilting, rocking and rolling around

Team 7 also offers this design option with the lui chair family, a design by Jacob Strobel. The chair models for everyday use have a fixed frame. The office versions, however, have an aluminum frame that can be rotated 360 degrees.

It also offers the seated person the possibility of rocking twelve degrees in all directions. The double rollers should be able to glide silently on hard and soft floors.

This furnishing idea hits a nerve. After all, for many people, the home office emergency solution is increasingly becoming a permanent solution at the beginning of the pandemic. But the idea is not entirely new.

Especially among the design classics there are chairs that stand both on usual stable feet and on castors. And so they have always had their place in more chic conference and office rooms – and perhaps now increasingly at home.

One example is “The little Giraffe”, a further development of the well-known “Giraffe” chair by Arne Jacobsen from 1959 for the designer Fritz Hansen. Or series 7 with shell chairs, also by Jacobsen (1955).

“The same bowl can be used for different purposes – as a desk chair, dining chair and bar stool. This makes it possible to create a coherence in the interiors. And the beautiful shape of the chairs contributes to the atmosphere in different arrangements,” explains Marie-Louise Høstbo, head of the design department of Fritz Hansen, the idea behind the chair series.

Many chair series only became suitable for office use later

Many of the classics only received the office upgrade later: the tubular steel chair S43 by Thonet, a design from 1931 by Mart Stam, became a swivel chair in 2020. The original cantilever was given a five-arm turnstile on rollers at the foot. And together with the nickname “Atelier”, Marcel Breuer’s cantilever chair S64 for Thonet 2019 received a rotatable central base with five beams on castors.

Also from 2019 comes the idea for the chair N02 Recyle, available in dining table and office versions. By the way, it was a folded paper sheet on his desk that inspired the designer Oki Sato to fold in the backrest. According to Fritz Hansen, it is intended to provide additional support for the upper and lower back.

Details such as these decide whether a chair is also suitable for sitting for hours. The designers of the Yonda chair series for Wilkhahn have dealt with many – supposed – little things: where do the chair backs have to start? How exactly does the shell have to be shaped so that the body sits ergonomically well in it?

“We have created several models and we have had them tested by almost everyone from the Wilkhahn team. Men, women, little people, big people,” says designer Rainer Weckenmann at the chair presentation.

It even depends on the small rollers on the chair leg. Did you know that many manufacturers offer these in two versions – a harder one for carpets, for example, and a softer one for parquet? After all, no one wants scratches and shipping channels in the beloved wooden floor at home.