Visible motorcyclists are safer on the road

Essen (dpa / tmn) – A big plus for visibility and thus safety on the motorcycle is eye-catching, high-contrast motorcycle clothing. Even a distinctive helmet can provide excellent services, informs the Institute for Two-Wheeled Safety (ifz). Other road users are not always ready for the motorcyclists, especially at the start of the season, and overlook them, also because of their narrow silhouette.

Bikers can also increase their perceptibility a little if they move slightly with their upper body while riding the machine from time to time. This, according to the ifz, can create a perceptual stimulus for others, break monotony.

This also contributes to changing the driving line slightly from time to time. It is important that the steering movements required for this are only small controlled impulses, according to Matthias Haasper from the ifz. So do not make sweeping slalom movements. These could delay or hinder necessary reactions such as braking.