Vision AMG electric super sports car planned for 2025

Nice (dpa / tmn) – AMG is getting serious about electric mobility: So far, the sporty Mercedes offshoot has only brought particularly potent variants of EQE and EQS as well as the new plug-in hybrids of the GT four-door to the charging station.

Now the team in Affalterbach is working on its own electrical architecture. According to the manufacturer, it should make its debut in 2025 and be the first model to carry a four-door super sports car.

The fast Swabians have hinted at what this might look like with the Vision AMG study that has now been unveiled. The 2+2-seater takes up the lines of the efficiency world champion EQXX, but goes a little out of the glue in every dimension.

Let the stars light the way

Developed for optimal aerodynamics and maximum downforce, the Vision AMG also takes over the closed bow with a radiator grille that is only indicated and the sharply cut rear, in which a spoiler is integrated. The mirrors are replaced by cameras, and as an eye-catching styling element there are front headlights in the shape of the Mercedes star.

Mercedes does not yet have many words to say about the technology, only that AMG is also developing the drive in-house in addition to the platform. According to the manufacturer, this also applies to the special high-performance high-voltage battery and the drive technology.

The heart of the Vision AMG is a so-called axial flow engine, which was developed by the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary YASA. With its compact and lightweight design, it delivers significantly more power than conventional electric motors, AMG also announced.