Web- and App-Tipp – Bahn direkt: A page for train travel without changing trains

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – By train from Stuttgart to Lüneburg. Without changing trains in less than five hours. That sounds good, very good indeed. The car can stay there with pleasure.

Such and similar travel plans are on the page “Direct.subway.guru” is possible. There, the Berlin developer Julius Tens visualizes direct long-distance train connections on the map on the basis of timetable data for the whole of Europe – without any claim to completeness.

Dark green for quick da

You simply have to enter the exit station in the search field at the top right, select the entry, and then the stations directly accessible from the exit station light up as colorful dots. And in traffic light colors – from dark green for very close to red for far, measured by driving time. The connection duration appears when mouse-over via a station.

Price calendars for cheap tickets

If you click on a station, a price calendar opens on “Train.guru”, which has the goal of displaying the cheapest tickets for the particular connection. Because savings prices are also included there. “Subway.guru” can also be accessed directly if you already know the starting and destination station. Both sites are ad-free open source projects.