BSI warns of security holes in system software

Security vulnerabilities in Software drivers for Nvidia graphics cards could allow attackers control over the Computer. The IT-Safety Authority advises to Update immediately.

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In front of several vulnerabilities in the driver Software of the Nvidia graphics cards, the Federal office for information security (BSI) warns. Attackers could exploit the vulnerabilities in several ways. For one, it is possible to bring the Software to crash. The other data could be viewed and manipulated.

Ultimately, whether it is for attackers to gain complete control over the computer. To be able to the Good in the Bad: the described attacks and manipulations to perform, you must have a local access to the computer. Attacks from the Internet exploiting the weaknesses are not possible.

Nevertheless, the BSI recommends to install the Nvidia already provided the security updates in a timely manner. In addition, users will go inside and users to the driver download page of the manufacturer and select the video card, the language, as well as the used operating system. Thereafter, an updated and secure Version of the Nvidia can be downloaded driver and installed.

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