Indulge in the Sacred: Sacred Connection Unveils its Top-Selling Shamanic Snuffs made from Natural Amazonian Ingredients

Cody, Wyoming, 10th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Sacred Connection is a company that partners directly with indigenous communities and local producers in order to offer fair trade and sustainably harvested fresh natural products. By doing this, the company ensures that customers are provided the highest quality available.

One of Sacred Connection’s most popular offerings is a selection of snuffs used for shamanic purposes. This includes Tepi, Kuripe, Hape Snuff, and Shamanic Snuff. All of these snuffs are made from natural  ingredients sourced from the Amazon rainforest and its surrounding areas.

Sacred Connection is a source of shamanic products, including Tepi, Kuripe, Hape snuff, and Shamanic snuff made from natural  ingredients sourced from the Amazon rainforest and its surrounding areas. These snuffs contain powerful ash made from seeds, tree bark ,roots and flowers . These ingredients have been used for centuries by the Amazonian tribes for spiritual and medicinal purposes and are considered Hape medicine. Yunu,Samauma,Paricá,Tsunu, Piri Piri are some of the medicines available . For those seeking the benefits of natural holistic medicine as well as natural cosmetic use , Sacred Connection offers Andiroba, Buriti,Passion Flower, Dragon’s Blood and Açaí. Kuripe and Tepi are also available for use in Hapeh rituals. For those looking for Hape medicine, Sacred Connection has you covered with the option to search for “Hape near me.”

These items are all produced by members of different indigenous tribes in Brazil. All ingredients used are carefully chosen for their healing properties and spiritual aspects.

The company also offers TPA Wide Spectrum extracts made from Banisteriopsis caapi (also known as Ayahuasca), Ashwagandha, Bobinsana,Siberian Ginseng and Mulungu as well as teas  from plants and herbs found in the Amazon such as Guayusa and Mulungu. These extracts can be taken orally or applied topically on the skin in order to receive healing benefits such as stress relief, improved sleep quality and enhanced mental clarity.

Copaiba is also a tree resin offered by Sacred Connection which has become increasingly popular due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Sananga is another plant extract offered by Sacred Connection which has become increasingly popular  as well as its ability to improve vision quality. Sananga benefits include improved eye health and stronger eyesight overall.Sacred Connection offers the most pure and powerful  Sananga extract available.

Sacred Connection also offers Awiry Hape tobacco which is considered sacred among Apurinã  indigenous tribes in Brazil. This greenish color  tobacco is harvested responsibly from an area known as Hapeh Valley which has been managed by the indigenous tribes for generations using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. The tobacco leaves  are then dried over a low fire in order to preserve its unique flavor profile and color before being sold by Sacred Connection customers worldwide.

Kuripe for hapeh is another product offered by Sacred Connection which consists of a thin bamboo or animal bone pipe used for self-applying the  hapeh  ritual during ayahuasca ceremonies or shamanic rituals performed in South America’s Amazonian region. Similarly Tepi for hapeh is a two person applicator; both devices have similar effects but use different techniques to blow the medicine into the nostril.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Sacred Connection works hard to ensure that their customers receive only ethically sourced high-quality products that come directly from indigenous communities and local producers offering fair trade deals that protect both buyer and seller alike while providing tremendous health benefits at the same time – it’s truly a win-win situation!

With their ever expanding catalog filled with natural ingredients such as herbs, plant extracts and shamanic products – there really isn’t any better place online than SacredConnection when it comes to finding safe yet highly effective medicinal solutions for any number of ailments you might be suffering from today!

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