Microsoft warns of attacks on Windows

Anyone who uses a Windows system must generally beware of malicious software on the net. Now Microsoft is warning of a loophole that criminals are exploiting. What you need to pay attention to.

Microsoft warns users of a vulnerability that attackers are currently exploiting. It allows criminals to execute malicious code on computers of their victims. This is what Microsoft writes on its website.

Criminals use specially made office documents with prepared ActiveX controls for their targeted attacks, writes Microsoft. Users then only have to open the infected document so that the malware lands on the computer.

The vulnerability affects Windows versions 8.1 to 10. According to Microsoft, users with limited rights to the computer could be less affected than users with administrator rights.

How to protect yourself

In general, do not carelessly click on links and do not uncritically open attachments in messages – even if they come from well-known senders. Because here, too, it could be an attack attempt.

An example of this is the Trojan Emotet. He was able to send e-mails from known addresses to his victims, but they were infected with malware. Whoever opened the attachment in the mails downloaded Emotet and other Trojans to the computer. Emotet has already been rendered harmless. You can read more about this here.