Number of persons employed for the first time since 14 years on the decline – due to Corona

Due to the Corona-crisis, the number of employed persons in Germany has declined. Previously, they had risen 14 years.

After 14 years of growth, the number of unemployed decreased in the Corona-the year 2020 in Germany again for the first time. 44.8 million people were cut in the year in the domestic a job or were self-employed, such as the Federal Statistical office announced on Monday in Wiesbaden.

The were 1.1 percent less than in 2019, and 0.2% less than 2018. The number of unemployed rose sharply by 34.5 per cent to 1.85 million.

According to statistics, in particular in poorly secured Jobs were lost, while the employees subject to social security, often in short-time working. Even more so than in previous years, the number of self-employed and their assisting relatives decreased to 4.0 million.

In these industries, the number of unemployed fell make especially

In the case of services, the number of employees decreased particularly strong in the area of trade, transport and hotels and restaurants 2.0% as well as industry-related service providers (minus 2.5 per cent) including temporary work.

Additional Jobs were in the Public service, education, and health. In the industry, the number of unemployed fell in the crisis, to 2.3 per cent, to around 8.2 million. Light was the construction sector with a rise of 0.7 percent.

In the 14 years prior to that, the number of employees had risen continuously, with in-migration and greater labour market participation of residents, had the demographic effects of an ageing society, more than compensated. Immigration was under Corona conditions but is more difficult and the domestic labour force potential is considered to be increasingly exhausted.