Plug-in-Hybrid ETS: a Second model for MG-Comeback

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – The Chinese SAIC group acquired traditional brand MG has announced a second SUV for the by the summer of planned Comeback in Continental Europe. In addition to the purely electrical, ZS, the Chinese want to offer with prices starting at about 34 000 Euro the ETS Plug-in technology, the company announced. With its 4,57 meters of the ETS, according to MG of up to five seats and between 448 and 1375 litres of boot.

The sole on the front axle arranged to drive a Tandem of a 1.5-Liter gasoline engine with 119 kW/162 HP and a 90 kW electric machine. It is fed from a battery of 16.6 kWh, which should be enough for up to 52 kilometres, before it is charged within 4.5 hours.

Both engines work together, they come according to the MG to a system output of 190 kW/358 HP and go up to 370 Nm to works. That’s enough for an acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds and 190 km/h top.

The equipment includes LED headlights, digital instruments, touch-screen Navigation as well as automatic distance control, lane guidance, assistance, 360-degree camera and cross-traffic, Warner count.

The consumption of MG is 1.9 liters (43 g/km CO2). MG want to start with ZS and EHS, it is not content with that let. In a short sequence for at least two more models are to follow. Details on the structure and segments of the MG is not announced yet, but to drive: pure nitro, it will not give presents to Germany, chief Philipp Hempel in view.

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