Proof material to ensure: strike against international smuggling gang

Kempten, Germany (dpa) – With a large RAID, investigators followed in several German States against an international band of Traffickers. On Tuesday they arrested in Berlin, lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse several Suspicious and searched the building. More than 400 Federal police officers were deployed.

The Prosecutor’s office in Kempten in the Allgäu, a suspect of 19 Accused persons between 21 and 44 years, since at least April 2019 people about the so-called Balkan route to have against large sums of money smuggled in. The alleged 140 Refugees were mainly from Syria. The alleged perpetrators have been at least 23 cases, the marketing of the band and the regular Smuggling of foreigners guilty of.

On the bottom of the Federal police arrived, the gang, as she took in August 2019, a criminal driver on the highway 7 in Füssen near the border to Austria. Together with investigators from several European countries and Europol, the public Prosecutor’s office in Kempten was able to make the alleged head of the gang in Austria, find and arrest. His extradition will be sought, it said.

The smugglers were very taken and very professional, informed the public Prosecutor. They had used so-called Scouts: This advance drove the Smugglers vehicles, and all reported police checks. The boundary would have crossed the Refugees, often on foot. The band chief had coordinated the Whole thing on his Smartphone from a safe distance.

In the case of the use of on Tuesday the investigators reached out to eleven Search warrants and seven arrest warrants in Berlin, Salzgitter, Twistringen near Bremen, Osnabrück, Hamm, Duisburg, Wuppertal and Marburg. They provided extensive evidence safe, including for the smuggling Smartphones. These are now being evaluated.

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