So good is the new version

The free t-online browser has been completely redesigned: new design, practical functions and the well-known user guidance. All about the new version.

In keeping with the relaunch of t-online, the t-online browser has also been completely redesigned: as usual, it is based on the fast and secure basis of the current Mozilla engine – that is, in essence, it shares all the qualities with the Firefox browser: both in terms of speed and security, our browser does not have to hide from competitors.

For this purpose, it has also been adapted to the needs of t-online readers: both in design and in many special functions, which you will only find here. The highlights of the new t-online browser at a glance:

Fresh, modern design

  • Fresh look: In keeping with the relaunch of t-online, the browser now also presents itself in a contemporary form with bright, friendly colors and minimalist controls. The icon has also been adjusted accordingly. This is how t-online and the browser work even more from a single source.
New browser and website design merge seamlessly.
New browser and website design merge seamlessly. (Source: t-online)
  • E-mail notifications: Enter the username and password of your mail provider in the browser and you will always see immediately when new messages are waiting for you. With one click you will then land on the page of your mail provider. Complicated facilities such as Outlook and other programs are not necessary.
  • Top-themed menu: Even if you are not browsing t-online right now, you will not miss an important message. The integrated news ticker with breaking news in the toolbar of the browser keeps you always up to date. Again, one click is enough to get to the appropriate article with more information.
The top-themed menu: Always up to date – even if you are on the net somewhere else.
The top-themed menu: Always up to date – even if you are on the net somewhere else. (Source: t-online)
  • t-online weather with severe weather warnings: You can also find the weather for your hometown in the toolbar. Severe weather warnings that affect your region will be displayed to you immediately.
  • WhatsApp and Facebook integration: WhatsApp and Facebook are also easy to keep an eye on with the new t-online browser. Just start from the menu bar and then pin it as a tab. Then you will see every new message right away.
  • Dark Mode: Is all this too bright for you? The new t-online browser is also available in Dark Mode. It is either automatically based on the system settings of Windows, but alternatively it can also be set separately to one of the two displays in the settings.
Light or Dark? The choice is yours.
Light or Dark? The choice is yours. (Source: t-online)
  • t-online search: Looking for an article about your favorite celebrity that you just read on t-online the other day? Or for tips on setting up your WiFi router? The t-online search conveniently searches the news offer of t-online for your search queries.
  • Shopping Partners: You want to make some shopping bargains on the net? Visit our shopping partners such as Otto, Amazon, Tchibo or Ebay. All just a click away.
  • Telecommunications services: If you also want to reach the Magenta Cloud, the Telekom customer center or, of course, the e-mail center, everything is already saved in the favorites in the browser.