Warren Buffet / Inflation and war: the star investor is now betting on these stocks

Warren Buffett is active again. After almost two years without any major deals, he struck several companies on a large scale in the first quarter.

Stock market guru, star investor, oracle of Omaha: What Warren Buffett is doing on the stock market is a role model for many investors. Despite his now old age of 91, he is still considered a trendsetter, as one who knows which company will make the biggest profits in the future.

The financial world has therefore been all the more anxious to wait for the latest mandatory notification from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is now known: in the first quarter, Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway made extensive investments in tech stocks, as well as shares of energy companies and financial companies.

Specifically, Buffett has, among other things, bought a large package of shares in Citigroup. According to information in the SEC announcement, he and his investment managers Ted Weschler and Todd Combs spent about three billion US dollars on it. Berkshire also invested almost $ 400 million in shares of the financial company Ally Financial .

More Apple products in Buffett’s portfolio

In addition, Buffett increased his Apple position. In the first quarter, he repurchased $600 million worth of shares here. In total, Buffett’s investment in Apple amounts to $ 155.6 billion, which makes the technology company by far the strongest weight in the $ 390 billion Berkshire portfolio.

Also new are the shares of the film and television studio Paramount Global, the pharmaceutical company McKesson and the chemical company Celanese . Berkshire, on the other hand, has sold shares in the pharmaceutical companies Bristol-Myers-Squibb and Abbvie . Berkshire also almost completely dropped out of the telecommunications company Verizon.