Apple wants to overtake the MacBook Pro basic

The MacBook Pro is one of Apple’s most popular computers. Insider reports that Apple wants to revise the Notebook this year for the first time in five years.

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The MacBook Pro is to be renewed this year. The always well-informed Tech Journalist Mark Gurman reported in Bloomberg citing an anonymous informant. The new models should not only be equipped with a faster Apple processors, brighter Display and more graphics power, even a new Format is planned, and the return of popular Features. The information in the Overview:

Gurmans source indicates that two new models are about to come to the middle of the year on the market: A renovated 16-inch model, which carries the internal code name J316, as well as a model with 14-inch Display (Codename J314), what it was not so yet. It will probably replace the more expensive 13-inch Macbook Pro, the device, such as the 16-inch four instead of two USB-C ports with a Thunderbolt-3 functionality of the bot.

The Macs of course come with Apple’s own processor

Both devices will be equipped with Apple’s new processor-in-house development, which will have more cores and advanced graphics Power than the recently launched M1-Chips. In addition to lighter in devices, higher-contrast display plug in.

For Apple Fans even more exciting is likely to be the Information that Apple is to introduce these devices to the popular MagSafe concept to Charge again. The Apple’s own charging plug, the adhered magnetically to the Notebook, and-for example, if someone tripped over the cable easily from the device triggered, instead of the Notebook with the cable pull were gone. Whether Apple will allow it to still continue to Charge via USB-C, is not known.

Apple dispensed with the unpopular Touch Bar?

Regardless of Mark Gurman of the most well-informed Analyst Ming-Cho Kuo made the same information on the upcoming devices. He stated, however, that the new devices would come without the Touch Bar, Mark Gurman explains, however, that variants without Touch would Bar tested.

The Touch Bar since its introduction in 2016 in the case of Apple users highly controversial. Instead of the typical function key row above the number keys on the Apple support in their more expensive laptops, a Touch-Screen strip that can, depending on the application, different buttons.

Blind support he can, however, and many customers want instead a version with tactile keys.

Both speak also of slight Design Changes, Kuo specified here that the pages would no longer rounded but flat fail to match the current Design of the iPhones and iPads.

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