Good all-rounder Notebook at Aldi at a bargain price

The year of the Discounter Aldi, has a good all-round Notebook on offer, the SSD, Quad-core processor, card reader and USB-C port – everything. But the price is right? We do the Check.

Who would like to start the new year with a new Notebook, gets the same in the first few days, an interesting offer from Aldi pre-sets. From the 4. January is the discounters, the 15-inch-Notebook Medion Akoya E15408 for 499 Euro in the offer. Aldi advertises the device as a “powerhouse for the home office”. But is it really? And also the price is right? Our Fast Check:


The E15408 of Medion as of 15-inch Notebook device Format is a compromise between mobile work and stationary home computer: The Display with Full HD resolution is somewhat larger than the typical 13-inch Displays of most mobile employers of the devices. With a weight of 1.7 kilograms, the Medion Notebook, however, is comparatively easy, so you take it like that.

Is powered the device from an Intel Core i5 1035G4 processor. The four Kerner offers a base clock of 1.1 GHz and can accelerate its processing units, up to 3.7 GHz. For typical Office tasks this is more than enough.

The eight GB memory and 256 GB of SSD memory is not abundant, but sufficient. A pleasing feature: a small service hatch at the bottom of the device, an additional SSD in a modern M2 Format with a few simple retrofitting handles. Who wants to install 1TB of fast storage in addition to pay around 80 Euro.

Also, of course, a Webcam and two microphones for video conferencing installed, both of which should be with a “Privacy Mode”switch to safely disable it, it will be separated according to the Medion camera and microphones completely from the circuit.

In addition, A HDMI port and a USB-C Port that the Monitor plugs can be. In addition, the Notebook allows the connection of load – provided is a power supply for the existing, traditional power-port but it is. In Conjunction with the illuminated keyboard, and a micro-SD card reader, the device is prepared for most everyday situations.

Conclusion: Good all-rounder at very good price

With the Medion Akoya E15408 Aldi makes at the beginning of the year, a really good deal: To get a price of around 500 euros it is usually nothing that is comparable to, similarly-equipped devices often cost 100 Euro more. A few compromises you have to make to this price, however, The stated runtime of 4.5 hours of video playback is not particularly long – but who wants to use the laptop mainly on the go, should rather resort to an even lighter 13-inch. And of course, there are even flatter, yet fancier equipment – but all of that is also considerably more expensive. For 500 Euro Medion offers here a very solid all-rounder in the sub-metal housing, the handle is also expected in three years, with the typical everyday tasks of a computer.

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