Microsoft is planning to Design Changes in Windows 10

Microsoft developed its operating system Windows 10 always. Users notice this mostly in newly added functions. Now there is also evidence of Changes to the Design.

Microsoft is planning Changes to the Design of the Apps in the Windows Store. This is from a published document to a Microsoft Manager. The specialized portal “Windows Insider”reported.

So the Apps should put in the future on a more modern, rounder Design, similar to Microsoft’s programs on the Web or on mobile devices. The Changes users can here on Github view.

Update the user interface

Also, the user interface of Windows 10 will probably be in the future, revised: the specialist reports in the media for months over the so-called “Sun Valley Update,” the show apparently in the autumn of 2021, and some Design will bring Changes.

An advertisement of the company, which has released the “Windows Latest”editor Zac Bowden on Twitter, confirmed this assumption. The company is looking for a developer to work in the so-called “Windows Core User Experience”Team. In an old Version of the ad, Microsoft wrote, among other things, that there is a “rejuvenation of the Windows experience”. Meanwhile, Microsoft has adjusted the display but, for example, the part with the “rejuvenation” far.

How can I access earlier on Windows Updates?

Who would like to pre-test new versions of Windows 10, you can log in as a Windows Insider. How to do this you can read here.

Windows insiders will get early access to future Updates, but must also grant Microsoft comprehensive access to information about your System. For example, the privacy must be configured in settings to allow a system diagnosis.

And test versions of Windows can be unstable. Important data can be lost due to errors. If you want to install a pre-release version of Windows on your computer, you should save your data in advance.

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