If the robot does the cleaning service

Cologne (dpa/tmn) – In search of Crumbs and dust, they drive criss-cross through the apartment and turning brushes and rollers, as quickly as possible: robot vacuum to make it easier to Clean and save time. But how to intelligently and independently, the household helpers are actually?

“Most of the vacuum robot to create a basic cleaning of the floor, in the corners of many models to come,” says Anne Kliem of the Stiftung Warentest in Berlin. The side brushes do not come often to the dirt in the niche.

In addition, each robot manages to go under cabinets, beds and Sofas. “Buyers should be eating prior to the acquisition under the furniture morning, whether he can suck or possibly get stuck on it,” advises Markus Nohe, product expert at Tüv Süd in Munich.

Each robot vacuum is different

Robot vacuum to clean either hard floors or carpets well, the Stiftung Warentest in a Test. Especially inexpensive models are failing to respond to one of the two floors.

“For carpeted floors, the device must have a brush, which digs deep into the pile,” says Kliem. Otherwise, it is removed, the dirt is only superficial. “On hard floors with the side brush should not rotate as fast, so that the dirt is not pushed away.”

Suction robots have Sensors, so that you find yourself in the space and detecting obstacles. The Navigation is often done by using Laser or cameras. But this, too, has weaknesses: “laser models can be achieved by reflective surfaces are easy to confuse cameras struggle in low light conditions with orientation,” says Nohe.

Who does not want to clean up each Time before the robot moves, it should hold fine. “The freer the soil is, the faster the cleaning process is total,” says Kliem. Lying around socks, yesterday’s newspaper or small piece of toy can obstruct the suction and cause a malfunction.

What is the robot vacuum that creates good, is often to drive. While self comes only once or twice a week for vacuuming, the robot daily, around-the-clock. Leaves the battery, the energy will find modern equipment the way to the charging station by itself. Some suck then at the point where they were interrupted.

Mower need for a defined area

Also in the garden, the robot arrived a long time ago. Unlike robot vacuum robotic mowers use neither the Laser, nor the camera, but shock sensors. “In General, they choose their paths randomly and change direction, if you start somewhere. Occasionally, ultrasound is used in addition,” says Kliem. High-priced devices are equipped with a GPS System to find you on large plots of land more easily and to protect against theft.

The Stiftung Warentest has calculated that the lawn should be at least 100 square meters in size, so that the purchase is worthwhile. Also, the mower preferably, the level of the floors and some slight inclines, in order to function well. Emptied lawn mower must never be. Cut short pieces of the stalks and Grass to use as fertilizer are. The mulching prevents the lawn of moss and matted.

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