In case of a dull sensation in the ear, immediately go to the doctor

With a feeling like “cotton wool” in the ear, you should go to the otolaryngologist as soon as possible, advises the professional association of Otolaryngologists. Behind the supposedly harmless symptom may be a sudden hearing loss.

In Germany, around 15,000 people suffer a hearing loss every year. Often the blood circulation of the inner ear is disturbed. Triggers are stress, diabetes, smoking and obesity.

“Cotton wool feeling” is a warning sign

“The usually one-sided feeling of cotton wool, just like a feeling of pressure in the ear, is a warning sign of a hearing loss. If a sudden hearing loss occurs, a visit to the ENT doctor is strongly recommended. There is no pain,” says otolaryngologist Dr. Jan Löhler. In addition, the hearing impairment can affect different frequency ranges. Thus, some patients hear only a little bit worse while others become deaf in the ear. Many also hear distorted and reverberating.

With untreated hearing loss, tinnitus threatens

Other symptoms of a hearing loss are ear noises, dizziness and slight drowsiness. “In any case, the patient should remain calm and not unnecessarily increase the extent of the hearing loss by further stress,” says Löhler. The hearing loss is an acute hearing disorder that needs to be treated. Otherwise, permanent hearing damage and chronic ear noises (tinnitus) threaten.