Jiwon Park Kim Jong-un is strongly welcomed by military activities

Jiwon Park “Kim Jong-un is strongly welcomed by military activities”

“Planning and Prohibiting Laws against Sprayers of North Korea”

Park Ji-won, professor of seat at Dankook University, said on the 24th that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has recently ordered the suspension of the South Korean military action plan.

Professor Seok Jwa Park said on his social network network service (SNS) on the 24th, saying, “I hope that this decision at the Central Military Preliminary Meeting will not only contribute to alleviating tensions on the Korean Peninsula, but will also develop as a trigger for the inter-Korean dialogue.” . On the same day, the North Korean Labor Party’s agency Labor News reported that Chairman Kim presided over the 5th preliminary meeting of the 7th Central Military Committee in the form of a videoconference the day before and made relevant decisions.

Earlier, the North Korean military’s General Staff announced on the 16th that it announced the deployment of troops in the Demilitarized Zone, military training in the border area, and support for spraying the South Korean frontier, as well as the deployment of troops in the Mt.

Professor Seok Jwa Park said, “It is said that Kim Yeo-jung, the first vice-president, is not preparing for action. It is said that the two brothers and sisters of the white-blood family are preparing for a dialogue between the two countries in the future. “I emphasized.

He continued, “We need to severely punish and immediately stop the North Korean troops who were unable to fly to the North and fell to our land based on the current law and the decision of the Supreme Court in March 2016.” In addition, he added, “As soon as possible, the National Assembly urges the enactment of an anti- North Korean ban.”

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