Demand gathering lost after 28 year - Youth, rain with girl statue

Demand gathering lost after 28 year – Youth, rain with girl statue

Euiyeon Yeon Demand gathering, conservative group
First place change in 28 years by preoccupied meeting place
10 young men and girls
from the previous day to protect the girls’ prizes, the night before the training of
college students group “Demand gathering we keep”

Around 10 young people sat around the girl statue with a firm look. On the morning of the 24th, when the rainy season began, young men in raincoats were raining with the girl statue next to the girl statue of peace in front of the former Japanese Embassy in Seoul, Jongno-gu, Seoul. These are the young people belonging to the anti-Abe anti-Japanese youth student joint action. From the morning of the previous day to the day before, they shouted the slogans such as “Let’s protect the girl statue” and went on to sit up overnight. Lee So-young, president of anti-abbe anti-Japanese youth student co-action, said to Hankyoreh, “I cannot give the conservatives the place where the victims’ grandmothers have struggled.”

Since 1992, when Kim Hak-soon, the victim of the Japanese women’s comfort women, first witnessed the damage, a demand rally held near the former Japanese embassy every Wednesday was taken away in 28 years as a pre-emption report by the conservatives. Eventually, when the place of demand gathering was moved, youth groups protested and protested overnight in front of the girl statue. Earlier, the Conservative Freedom Coalition reported a rally as the first place in front of the Girl of Peace until mid-July. The Jungui Memory Regiment is scheduled to hold a demand gathering at a distance of about 10 meters from the Noon Girls’ Award on this day.

Another youth group, which opposes the preemption of the conservatives’ place, also held a protest rally against the conservatives from 9 am on the same day, saying, “Stop insults and interrupt demand demonstrations.” Sixty-five youths belonging to the College Student Division at the June 15 Youth Student Headquarters continued their relay speech with hand signs such as “Keep the girl statue and keep the history” and “Go back on the insults against demand demonstrations.”

“The pro-Japanese group is interfering with the movement to solve the comfort women problem,” said Kim Tae-jung, a member of the Democratic Reunification University Student Council. “It’s a history injustice,” he said. “Even if there are obstacles to the pro-Japanese forces, we will continue to follow the movement to solve the problem of the Japanese comfort women for 30 years.” They protested by holding hand signs such as “Let’s Keep Demand Demonstration” and “University Students Promote Liquidation and Keep Demand Demonstration” at a distance of 2 meters from India toward the Anguk Station.

Kang Sae-bom, who works on the Progressive University Student Net, said, “The pro-Japanese forces are trying to lay down the historical responsibility of the Japanese government by attacking demand demonstrations. “We will continue to do so until the Japanese government apologizes for the thirty years that victims’ grandmothers and citizens have raised with tears and cry.”
Meanwhile, a conservative group was preparing for the rally with a sign saying “Dissolve justice” in the vicinity of the girl’s statue this morning. Goseong also went between the conservative groups and the citizens who supported the demand gathering, but there was no physical conflict.

The police plan to inject 400 police troops in preparation for physical collisions and manage them so that the rally can proceed safely. A police official said, “If there is a direct conflict or contact between the two groups, we plan to separate them. If there are illegal activities, we will strictly punish them. In addition, we plan to protect the girl statue from damage.”

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