Lauterbach wants to relax Corona entry rules

From June 1, the entry rules are to be significantly relaxed. This was announced by Health Minister Karl Lauterbach in an interview. Travelers no longer have to present proof of vaccination or recoveryen.

In view of falling corona case numbers, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to relax the rules for entry to Germany over the summer months. “By the end of August, we will suspend the 3G rule upon entry,” the SPD politician tells the newspapers of the Funke Media group. From 1 June, returnees and other travellers will no longer have to prove that they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested.

People arriving from virus variant areas currently have to go into a 14-day quarantine in Germany, even if they are vaccinated or recovered. According to Lauterbach, this regulation should continue to exist. “When such areas are defined, people entering the country have to be quarantined,” says Lauterbach. “Even with lower incidences in the summer, we must remain cautious in the event of a global pandemic.”

Currently, no country is designated as a virus variant area. According to information from the FUNKE newspapers, the amendment to the Corona entry ordinance is to be adopted by the Federal Cabinet this Wednesday. It also provides that in the future not only the vaccines approved by the EU, but all vaccines approved by the WHO will be recognized upon entry.