Microsoft is testing a Change in the Windows 10 taskbar

The task bar is there in Windows since Windows 95. So far, the lower area was mainly open program. Now Microsoft wants to expand more functions.

In the future, Windows could allow users to receive information such as news, weather or stock quotes in the taskbar. The Microsoft reports in his Blog. Currently, the function is tested in the Insider-Build 21286.

Users can access more than 4,500 news sites and agencies worldwide and their Feed according to personalize. The content will be updated on a regular basis, writes Microsoft. The User can also select which messages you like and what not. Thus, in the future, with more relevant messages are to be played.

Microsoft Manager Brandon LeBlanc writes on the Microsoft Blog about the Changes: “Instead of switching between Apps or your PC and phone to be on you important news and interests, you can throw at any time directly from the task bar a look in your Feed.”

Previously, only users of the Windows Insider access program in the US, UK, Australia and India in the new function, writes Microsoft. In addition, the new Microsoft Edge Browser, based on Chromium must be installed on the computer.

How can I access earlier on Windows Updates?

Who would like to pre-test new versions of Windows 10, you can log in as a Windows Insider. How to do this you can read here.

Windows insiders will get early access to future Updates, but must also grant Microsoft comprehensive access to information about your System. For example, the privacy settings need to be configured to allow a system diagnosis.

And test versions of Windows can be unstable. Important data can be lost due to errors. If you want to install a pre-release version of Windows on your computer, you should save your data in advance.

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