Love defies Corona: little impact on marriages

Thuringia’s state offices have, in spite of the Corona-crisis recorded, at most, slight declines in the number of previously logged-in marriages for 2021. “A more accurate Trend is not yet clear, but currently the demand is similar to that in the previous years”, explains Heike Müller Hip, Registrar in Jena, Germany, and Chairman of the Association of state civil servants and state officials of the free state of Thuringia. Also in Eisenach and Zeulenroda-Triebes, the Numbers of the state offices to be approximately at the previous year’s level. Gera, Weimar, Erfurt and the country community at the Ettersberg reported a slight reluctance. In Nordhausen, the demand’s behavior to the Registrar’s office, according to very. Sun mountain could not provide information.

“If you really want to get married, find a way,” summarizes Antje Focke from the Registrar’s office in Zeulenroda-Triebes. Reluctant to those couples, to large weddings with many guests at the registry office placed were more likely to be. A fundamental Trend is determined by the Corona-crisis, however, Many couples were married first in a registry office, and move the Celebration to a later date, as several state officials declare.

Because of the depending on the municipality, different hygiene regulations Corona provides, however, for unusual scenarios: Because in the city of Jena, Germany currently, marriage ceremonies are only performed in the town hall, there can be next to the bride and groom and the Registrar, a maximum of three guests during the wedding Ceremony present, such as Müller-Hipper declares. In the much smaller Zeulenroda-Triebes, however, up to nine guests are possible. The reason is the different facilities available in the municipalities are available.

The conditions are similar everywhere: in addition to mask duty, and distance, also, the extensive Airing heard offered to any wedding Ceremony to the Standard. Whether the bride is allowed to remove the couple after the completion of the wedding Ceremony, at least, for the kiss, the mask short, also depends on the local conditions. Meanwhile, marriages are good with the hygiene rules, says Müller Hip. The requirements had now been adjusted so that marriages were possible without much difficulty.

On some of them for weddings, popular places, especially Hotels, have to couples but not because of the lock downs: So shoot in Zeulenroda-currently have no marriage ceremonies at the Seehotel Zeulenroda possible, says Focke. In the castle Ettersburg in Weimar country, may, however, take place actually marriage, currently, there are no requests, explains Eva leeches from the event management Ettersburg castle. The sun but rather to the Season of the year: “the Strong demand we have starting in April.”

On average, each year, would be carried out in the castle, around 80 weddings. Many weekends in the spring of 2021 were already blocked for celebrations, drastic differences to the previous years were not observed at the present time, said leeches. An assessment of the shares, the competent civil Registrar of the competent municipality “Am ettersberg”, Doreen Törmer: “The question is that of the municipality overall, somewhat subdued, of a break-in, you can’t speak.”

However, regardless of Corona fundamental marriage are watching the trends: “We are seeing more and more weddings during the week,” explained Müller Hip. More and more frequently individually for each Pair of significant dates, such as relationship anniversaries or birthdays is more important than a wedding on the weekend. At least in Jena, there is also little difference between summer and Winter, in terms of the number of marriages.

A digitization of the weddings is not for the foreseeable future in perspective: “Technically, it is of course feasible, marriages also via video telephony to carry out. Legally this is not possible,” explains Müller Hip. According to the Association, in Thuringia, currently 141 offices.

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