New data glasses from Meta should come in September

The Facebook group Meta continues to focus on the topic of virtual reality: in the next two years, the company wants to launch four new data glasses on the market. The first is due to be released in September.

Marks Zuckerberg’s company Meta wants to further advance the topic of virtual reality. By 2024, the Facebook group plans to release four new smart glasses, according to “The Information”. The magazine refers to a “person familiar with the matter”. Accordingly, the first VR glasses should be launched on the market next September.

This is a high-end device with the working title “Project Cambria”. Meta originally planned to release the VR glasses last year. But the market launch “has been delayed by problems in the supply chain and other pandemic-related difficulties,” it says.

Chromebook for the face

“Project Cambria” is referred to internally as a “laptop for the face” or “Chromebook for the face”. The reason: Similar to the Chromebooks, which are equipped with Google’s Chrome OS operating system, Meta’s data glasses should also get their own VR operating system. As with the Chromebooks, it is supposed to run self-developed and web-based tools and services.

Meta refers to “Project Cambria” as a working tool, it continues. The VR glasses should offer a high-resolution image quality, so that their wearers can read and send text in e-mails, for example, while wearing the headset.