Reset AirPods: How it works

If your AirPods no longer make a sound or the pairing is faulty, it’s worth doing a reset. The restart ensures that the AirPods reset and return to the factory setting. We explain how this works.

How to reset AirPods?

Due to the clear design, you will have noticed that AirPods have no buttons or buttons. Only on the charging case there is a small button, which is responsible for the coupling. Therefore, to reset the AirPods and establish a new connection, do the following:

  • Place the AirPods in the charging case and close the lid. Note that the headphones should be charged to allow a reset.
  • Press and hold the button at the bottom of the charging case. After about 15 seconds or more, you should press the button to ensure a proper reset.
  • Open the lid of the case. A small light will flash between the headphones, alternating between yellow and white.
  • The reset is now complete.
  • Remove the AirPods from the case and reconnect them to the desired device. Pairing with your iPhone or iPad should be done automatically.

What are the reasons for a reset of the AirPods?

The reasons for a reset can be very different. The most common causes are:

  • Due to different software versions, there may be compatibility problems. AirPods and the corresponding paired device should each have the latest updates.
  • Weak battery performance can lead to sudden decoupling. Fully recharge the AirPods before they are paired again.
  • If an automatic connection is not possible, it helps to control the AirPods manually in the settings of the device to be paired. At this point, the connection can also be activated and deactivated manually.
  • If one headphone fails, but the second pod is still playing music, too low battery power may also be the reason. Reset, charge and reconnect AirPods. So music comes to the ears again.