Samsung Electronics, AI Research Professor Seung-Joon Seung, appointed as Director of Research

Samsung Electronics, AI Research Professor Seung-Joon Seung, appointed as Director of Research

On the 24th, Samsung Electronics announced the appointment of Professor Seung-Jun Seung-Seon (Sebastian Seung) of Princeton University in the United States to the head of Samsung Research, a research institute for integrated research, Samsung Electronics. Shoots.

President Seung, who has been appointed as the director of Samsung Research, will oversee the future research of new technologies and convergence technologies of 15 R&D centers and 7 AI centers of Samsung Electronics located in 13 countries including Korea.

Seung-in, a world-renowned brain neurotechnologist-based AI professor, earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Harvard University in the United States, and worked as a researcher at Bell Labs and a professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Princeton University has been a professor since 2014.

He is famous for his brain connection research,’connectome’. In connection with the research of Connectom, from the end of 2012,’EyeWire’ began to create a connection map between rat retinal neurons (neurons) using collective intelligence.

The relationship with Samsung began in 2008 after receiving the’Hoam Prize Engineering Award’ from the Hoam Foundation in recognition of the achievements that made the foundation for implementing AI computers.

Since 2018, as a Samsung Research CRS (Chief Research Scientist), he has contributed to the establishment of a global AI center and recruitment of AI talents through consultation with Samsung Electronics on AI strategy establishment and prior research. After joining Samsung, I also gave a lecture on Connectom research at the 2nd’Samsung AI Forum’ held in September 2018.

Director Seung-Seok Kim made his debut in the CES stage by introducing Samsung Electronics CEO Hyun-Seok Kim, CEO of Samsung Electronics, who gave a keynote speech at the world’s largest technology show’CES 2020′ held in Las Vegas, USA in January this year.

At that time, Seung explained the heart disease rehabilitation program’HeartWise’, which was developed in collaboration with Samsung Electronics and Kaiser Permanente. Heartwise is a mobile device that can constantly monitor the heart condition of patients with chronic heart disease.

Meanwhile, Director Seung-Yong Lee met with Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong last year to discuss AI strategies. Earlier, in November of last year, Lee was reported to have met with world-renowned scholars in the field of AI, such as Seung-Woo Seung and Professor Benzio Montreal of Joshua, to have a conversation about Samsung Electronics’ AI strategy.

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