So Christmas decorations waiting for the use of 2021

Mainz (dpa/tmn) – Traditionally in many families around the 6. January, the Epiphany, the dismantled Christmas tree again. Then the rest of the Christmas decorations disappear from the apartment.

Just: How to pack the right? How is the light chain to the ball? And how do I put the fragile Christmas tree balls? Questions to Sabine Haag, clean-up coach from Mainz.

How should I pack the sure the Christmas tree balls?

Sabine Haag: in the Meantime, there are numerous boxes and storage boxes for the Christmas decorations. The special feature of these storage facilities is their subdivision into individual compartments. In this you can store the sensitive balls perfectly.

Anyone looking for a cheaper Alternative, use egg cartons, empty boxes for chocolate kisses or Fruit liners for pressure-sensitive fruits. This I would not store but again in a larger Box, to protect the balls just perfect, but also to facilitate the Transport.

Antique Christmas balls or porcelain pendant I wrap in addition, in acid-free tissue paper or soft cloth remnants. It is important that the fabric or the paper is soft and cuddly. Because in the case of coarse paper or cloth, the danger is that it evaluates the circumference of the ball when you remove it incorrectly and accesses easily.

Particularly sensitive to the so-called Eislack-balls. You should be best handled with gloves and in the original carton with the tissue paper be wrapped to avoid scratches. Even a minimal injury to the paint layer does not draw rarely, the Detachment of large areas for themselves.

The frangible rounds are now in the cartons. It’s to note something?

Haag: Empty rooms to avoid! Large spaces between the items cause they can move and move. So they can be easier to break or otherwise be damaged. Tissue paper, packing paper or bubble wrap used to fill in any gaps.

What you have to consider the other Christmas tree ornaments-followers?

Hague: In the case of bells, Handmade and co. it always comes down to: How fragile is it, how big is the Confusion factor? I have a collection of equal-sized Shoe boxes, I put the rest of the decoration. The advantage of this is that I can stack them perfectly on top of each other and so no space is wasted. In the boxes, I then put the ornaments and if you are sensitive, wrap I them in tissue paper.

What do I do with my window images?

Haag: window pictures you put on the best to a piece of cardboard, which is then in a abzuheftende film. If you have several, attached to best each other in a narrow stapler.

Do you have a tip for the Christmas pyramid?

Haag: Christmas pyramids should be stored in an upright position standing. Otherwise, the parts for the rotational movement is in charge of forgiven. It is best to ensure the original packaging, which usually contains spacers and fixing cardboard.

And how do I store for example, my door wreath up to the next Christmas?

Haag: wreaths can be attached to prima on a wire hanger with twine or cable ties and then from the bottom of a garbage bag about to attach. Best you keep him hanging. But there are great bags, which are specially designed.

Perhaps a little outdated, but nevertheless, some still popular, with Tinsel. You can keep that, too?

Haag: in fact, it is experiencing a Revival! But it tends to get tangled up in storage. To prevent this, you can set it carefully in a scrap book between the pages. And also filigree pendant like to live between the pages of a book.

The question of all questions: How do I wrap the string of lights properly, that is, in the following year, a great ball?

Hague: It’s quite simple: Take the role of an empty cardboard roll of a kitchen or of gift paper. The upper and lower end, cut a notch in the one hooked to the beginning of the end with the plug. Then, the light chain is wrapped around it, and at the other end in the slot, hooked up. In the case of long light chains of thick, flat Cardboard work.

There is a System to find decorative first time, every time?

Hague: and the same comes to the Same. The outdoor light string comes to the reindeer for the garden and the door decorations, the Tree ornaments will be kept together and the back to be stowed ramekins with the Christmas napkins.

After the Abdekorieren makes your so-called Islands, and stored together things which belong together thematically. So you have, for example, a Adventsbox with the advent calendar, the boots wreath decoration and Nicholas, so that you always have to get out of the Box, you need to actually just.

And then put it in the basement or closet?

Hague: First of all, the most Important thing: the label! Labeled all the cartons and boxes. This may seem trivial sound, it reduces the Search in the next year immensely. And another Trick is to number the boxes. If you have more than three boxes, that makes a lot of sense. If you have a great Christmas fans ten boxes of decorations, label them 1/10, 2/10, 3/10 and so on. At best you numbered them in the order in which you want to unpack.

And table Deco, I just need to Christmas: Where and how to stow I?

Haag: The Christmas cups, the Service with the gold edge and the napkin rings with the angels: they can all be brought in should be so stowed that directly into the Advent season out. Because it makes no sense to use special table decorations and dishes only three days in the year. Our Christmas mugs are up to 1. December on the back of the kitchen Cabinet and back then to the front to be until Christmas as often as possible.

In fact, we have an old Service with a gold edge that we bring out only on special occasions. It is very sensitive, and so I have developed a special System for storage: Between each of the plates I put a paper plate to avoid scratches. But there are also special felt inserts to lay between them.

Is stored the dishes in quilted bags in different sizes. I know of friends from the US and found it great, because these fabric boxes hardly take up space and from damage and scratches.

And where you store using the Christmas dishes this year?

Hague: Who has such a special porcelain pieces, and other table decorations for Christmas, which I don’t recommend to store the stuff in the kitchen, since you plug only the cabinets and the access to the things you need daily, blocked. So go in the living room closet storage, or in boxes, the Hiking in the cellar or in the attic.

Tip: is your Christmas decorations before storing the brush

Thus, the decorative Shine article to the next Fixed again, you should be in front of the Store cleaned. For decoration made of plastic most of the contaminants are to be removed with a bit of dish soap and warm water quickly, says Haag. The more difficulties you have, however, in the case of hand-crafted Christmas tree ornaments or Vintage Parts, you could easily damage it.

Here, the expert advises: If it is clear glass with no coatings or colors, you can also clean these items with water and a little soap. “In all the others: stay away from water or cleaning agents!” Because hand-made or antique globes are not usually coated with special varnishes, which are water-proof and peel off.

Clean with glasses cleaning cloth and cosmetic brush

Also, many support materials such as glue or paint for the Application of Glitter are soluble in water. Here is the best and safest option is a glasses cleaning cloth or a cosmetic brush for cleaning. “So you are no risks,” says Hague, and gives a tip: “Keep the Christmas decorations in the summer months, light-protected in a dark place.”

Really finger-tip feeling you have to prove in the case of wax stains on a Christmas ornament. Here, Haag recommends that the balls in a maximum of 50 degrees in the oven. This heats the wax slowly and carefully. At the end of the soft wax can be gently wipe.

A candle holder can be put safely in the freezer to get the wax then peel off, says Haag. “In the case of balls, you should not do that, since often the paint with the jump off.”

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