Train collides with bus – several injured

In Baden-Württemberg, a serious accident has occurred: a train has collided with a bus. Several people were injured, there is evidence of a violent collision.

At Blaustein, a suburb of Ulm, a bus and a train collided with great force at a level crossing on Tuesday morning. At least two people were seriously injured in the train accident.

Where other walkers are on the road between wide meadows and the River Blau flows gently to the east, the charred wreck of a bus can be seen in the morning. About 100 meters away, the derailed regional railway has come to a standstill.

Train and bus drivers in the hospital

At about 8.30 am, the train had crashed into the bus in the direction of Ulm at the level crossing in the district of Arnegg in the middle and set it on fire, as a spokesman for the police said. The bus completely burned out.

The driver of the bus was thrown out of the vehicle by the impact and seriously injured. He was reportedly alone on the bus. The train driver also sustained serious injuries. Both were taken to clinics.

Of the 74 passengers on the train, eleven were slightly injured. The others got away with the horror. They were taken to a hall in Blaustein and cared for there by chaplains.

Damage probably in the millions

The severely damaged front of the train testifies to a violent collision. The writing is knocked out, deep holes gape in the shell of the train. According to initial estimates by the police, the damage to the railway line as well as to the train is in the millions. In order to be able to assess the exact extent of the damage, the accident site must first be cleared, a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn said.